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How To Bypass Fileice Survey | Fileice Downloader v3.4 | Update May 15th


How To Hack Fileice

Fileice Downloader

Today we will be releasing FileIce Survey Killer v3.4 which use our redesigned bypassing survey algorithm v3.3 which we used since in our Sharecash Survey Killer. The new Fileice Downloader is 100% unique & genuine tool which you will use to download files from Fileice server. This amazing software saves your time and nerves. Using our tool you will easy download files from Fileice without filling survey. This tool is completely safe and free.

Look at Antivirus Scan results HERE

Fileice Downloader tool have simple, and easy to use interface. It’s so easy even a child could use it. Lets see how to looks.

Fileice Downloader

(Last time  tested Saturday April 30th 2016)


First we start of with Fileice Downloader v2.1, v3.3 now v3.4. This auto downloader is probably one of our most successful programs which helped us gained popularity. We’re sure v3.3, v3.4 now, is a tool that will satisfy all our members. You don’t have to worry. We wouldn’t forget our roots. We hope to update Fileice Downloader to next version after hearing more feedback from our large community. Share this threat with all your friends using share buttons. Do not abuse and misuse the tool. This tool aims to help those who wanted to download files without answering some surveys provided that they need quick access to the files like emergencies or any other important matters.

How to Bypass Fileice Survey?

1. Download Fileice Downloader by click on Download button below:

DownloadFileiceDownloaderv34NOTE: Once your access to the unlocked tool,  other tools will no longer be locked for you! You will then become VIP member!

2. Run FileIce hack Tool.
3. Copy Fileice file URL location. (Fileice Survey Killer v3.4 works only with direct link. If you have mirror link, convert it on direct link using “Reflect URL” tab).
4. Paste link in text box (Fileice link).
5. Click on “Confirm Link” button.
6. Click on “Start Download” button.
7. Wait until process is over.
8. That is all..

Some features

– Release Date: 30-11-2012
– Version: 3.4
– Manually Update
– Simple Design
– Mirror Link Reflector
– Proxies Addon
– All Countries Supported


 Got problems??? Then write your problem in comments with :
* your OS version (specify 32 or 64 bit as well)
* an exact error message and / or screenshot
* the Fileice link you tried to download. (if you downloaded it not from here)


174 Responses to How To Bypass Fileice Survey | Fileice Downloader v3.4 | Update May 15th

  1. Alien4 says:

    You save my money.  cheers

    • me says:

      can u send that downloaded file to my email ,,,pls ,,pls,,,pls [email protected]}

    • Prknus says:

      Please send me this software to my email, no survey for my country :(

  2. Mario says:

    Looks very promising

  3. HelpMe says:

    Great software mate thanks!

  4. Aldyno says:

    it works fine in windows 7, nice work

  5. wow says:

    Just used it and works perfectly 😉

  6. Fileice says:

    I would love to have one, he he 😀

  7. GREAT says:

    Thank you

  8. Neg says:

    I hope it’s not be patched soon. Vouch for livehacksource team. Regards :)

  9. s ghosh says:

    i want this softare….plz send me…plzz.z…

  10. abil says:

    awesome tool. thanks

  11. Andrea says:

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris says:

      may i ask you how do u download the file so successfully..? You used google chrome to download the file or other internet explorer…?

      Reply me ya..thank you :)

      • SpArTacuS says:

        It doesn’t matter. You can use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla…

        • Chris says:

          I see. Thank you for your reply :)
          By the way i still can’t download it..
          It appears Internal Server Error.. sad :(

  12. SpArTacuS says:

    Sorry dude. Fileice Downloader isn’t totally free software. Why??? We must pay server host. What you need to do?? Spend a 5 minutes to fill offer. Sorry for this inconvenience.
    SpArTacuS (Leader of LiveHackSource Team)

  13. Tommy says:

    I’m about to test this to see if this actually works

  14. Ehsan says:

    Hi , really thanks , i have version 3.1 but it say i should update it and when i come on your website and want to download it,it says that there is no offers in my area,can u email it for me please??

  15. Cezaro says:

    Thanks for sharing. Awesome service ***** Five stars from me :)

  16. Furia says:

    Hard to download :(

  17. Andrew says:

    awesome tool. working just like on the video.. thx for this!

  18. Abhilash says:

    Looks very promising hack!

  19. MAJA says:

    You save my money.  cheers

  20. bobross says:

    I’m in Italy, will sending “UNSUBSCRIBE” still work? Or do I have to use a different word?

  21. Coron says:

    Keep it up guys!!

  22. ragib says:

    Thank you 😀

  23. romell says:

    one word “great”

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  25. Kenny says:

    great job guys.keep it up

  26. Prashanth says:

    please send me this file

  27. samuell says:

    it’s works fine. thanks

  28. sandeep says:

    hey friends i have a problem please help me when i click on download it shows an error please help

  29. skrgtm says:

    i wanna know, why don’t u put these links on mediafire ?

  30. SpArTacuS says:

    To get your Fileice Downloader v3.3, you will need to pass our protection first. This protection, has been made to protect our website from “mass-claims” of Fileice Downloader tool.

  31. Steve Jobs says:

    Wow… thanks.

  32. Nikola says:

    T Y

  33. Black says:


  34. SWARoop says:

    Just now i downloaded this filice downloader and when i tried to download file( minecraft link in youtube) its showing “ENTER VALID LINK”.Please give me solution.
    windows 7 32bit

  35. SpArTacuS says:


    Just check your link again. Do you forget http??
    Don’t put link like “”

  36. Bruno says:

    “please enter a valid link”


    how to proced ?

  37. Bruno says:

    i got
    just remove “www”

  38. SWARoop says:

    Hello guys….I have entered many valid link and its showing error “Your file cannot be dwnloaded.Please contact the support” I also entered your MINE CRAFT youtube video link.But no result

  39. YourFriend says:

    I have some problems with download but everything is fine now. thanks

  40. Denym says:

    thanks dude

  41. Checkpoint says:

    Thank you for updating the tool

  42. JORGE ROMERO says:

    its a bad joke? for download the tool we need to make a survey.. in my country they don’t work.
    could you send it to my email plz

  43. Innocent says:

    Working for me. Whats better??

  44. Rock says:

    i am unable to complete these surveys. :(

  45. AdminHelpPlease says:

    I got some error like freezing process sometimes. what to do.. plz help me out admin!!

  46. Pero says:

    Thank you. I love this hack

  47. amazing says:

    this post is amazing. I would like to peer extra posts like this .

  48. teikoo says:

    Help, please?
    It says “Please enter a valid link”.
    The url:
    System: windows 7 32bit

  49. SpArTacuS says:


    put this link:

    without “www”

    Enjoy in downloading my friends

  50. bypasser says:

    great post. great tool. great community

  51. Naty says:

    Thanks guys :)

  52. Beast says:

    You are the best team ever.

  53. Wally says:

    Guys, you are coded best software ever. Keep up good work and regards

  54. eric says:

    Fucking awesome toll 😀

  55. ecid says:

    no more survey 😀

  56. Sam says:

    The best software on the NET. I recommend it to everyone.

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  58. gorko says:

    i can’t find the download button…?

  59. ZEUS says:

    Thanks a lot. Your save my money :)

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  61. PenguinCake says:

    You are awesome guys. Thank for release

  62. SHANUN says:


    Thank You Very Much For Your Tool :) :) :) :)

  63. LOLGUY says:

    I cant download :(

  64. mike says:

    this is the best version ever. thank you for update

  65. anand says:

    put a direct link please

  66. burbaby says:

    So how do you download this??

  67. I am Milosh says:


  68. kostantin says:

    works fine :)

  69. Rane says:

    thanks sir.

  70. Tunis says:

    works for my poor country. thanks a lot

  71. Amir says:

    Thanks Dude

  72. arif says:

    how to download this tool????

  73. Wanted says:

    survey not working for me. i got the v3.3 without a problem yet can’t get this one :(

  74. Respect says:

    hard to download. anyway thanks to release

  75. Nemo says:

    Thanks a lot

  76. BestTeam says:

    Guys its works. Wow amazing software thanks

  77. Cashia says:

    thank you..

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  80. Dido says:

    Hey, I have some problems with downloading but it’s ok now. Thanks!

  81. Hank says:

    thank you so much…

  82. RnR says:


  83. fan livehacksource says:

    is that it works on windows xp

    • SpArTacuS says:

      @fan livehacksource
      Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
      Not supported Mac OS

  84. fan livehacksource says:

    spartacus thank you for your response but I still receive an error message that says Component ‘Comdlg32.ocx gold one of icts dependencies not Correctly registered HELP ME

    • SpArTacuS says:

      @fan livehacksource
      Do you download tool from official site or somewhere else??

  85. 21.12.2012 says:


  86. fan livehacksource says:

    I download on livehack source but without the surveys is that it is normal ?

  87. RAY says:

    thank you

  88. Nigor says:

    thank you

  89. LastSurvey says:

    I completed one survey, but i can bypass all fileice surveys 😛

  90. Justin says:

    Program working :)

  91. Ciyon says:


  92. WORKING says:

    Thank you

  93. Elmo says:

    Your youtube video is great, as well as this site. I like this tool. Thanks so much guys!

    Happy New year!

  94. sonicgear says:

    still cant download :(

  95. 2013 says:

    Thanks a lot

  96. sonicgear says:

    spartacus, can you mail the file to [email protected]? please. i cant download after done the surveys

  97. yogi_6719_cool says:

    i can’t download the file because my country not allowed please i want use this file please help me.
    i want buy this tool. price please

  98. jay says:

    THANK YOU!!!

  99. Black Man says:

    thanks alot LiveHackSource Team

  100. Jack says:


  101. WINNER says:

    downloaded and working. bye, bye fileice survey 😛

  102. kerim says:

    I tested it with avast. It’s safe

  103. roberto says:

    Thank u..

  104. robinson says:

    I have win7 home 64bits and this hack works great for me. Thanks for public this tool

  105. robinson says:


  106. Shad Bredesen says:

    Hohohohoo. Thanks alot. Its awesome.

  107. BeachBoy says:

    Just 5 sec to say THANKS

  108. yser says:

    good thing

  109. SERKNX says:

    I can not find the download link, please could you help

  110. pz says:


  111. Bob says:

    Download button not working

  112. pkp says:

    where is the link bro ????

  113. rajarus says:

    legit and safe tool. vote for this hack

  114. j60585 says:

    Its Worksssss  HAHAHa Very thx 😛

  115. tom says:


  116. srj says:

    where is the link ?

  117. Kaito_kid says:

    the link is not working..
    icant download..

  118. dheeraj says:

    sir i am unable to find download link

  119. FuckFileice says:

    lifesaver :)

  120. HaXxOr says:

    the download button no work:(

  121. Rany says:

    Please sent this program to me please.

  122. online says:

    Thank you

  123. RudoLf says:

    Great job admin. Keep it up :)

  124. fuckfileice says:

    fuck fileice now 😛

  125. shery says:

    wow its cool, really works guys

  126. guru says:

    downloaded and tested. hack working :)

  127. Prokopije says:

    Hard to download :(

  128. michael says:

    thanks a lot my friend

  129. georgian says:

    Fantastic work 😉

  130. HaXxOr says:

    ok for 1 do this if u have google chrome and it says there are no offers in your location
    1)click on the options;customize and control icon thingy
    2)go down to tools
    3)click developer tools
    4) keep on going down until you see something that starts with //*[@id=”samdav-locker”]
    5)click it and delete it
    then it should go straight to the download page and auto download it :)
    also any admin or someone that is on when i click download (on the program) it comes up with this: a bad error has occured. component COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependecies not correctly registered a file may be missing or invalid. press OK to terminate the application – any suggestions on what to do

  131. fileice says:

    i can’t finish fucking survey.

  132. EEE says:

    software works for me :)

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    really great software. thanks for release

  135. Alexander says:

    Its great job guys. thanks a lot

  136. shed pounds says:

    I want to donate if possible :) so you’ll stay motivated to share these awesome tools!!!

  137. iLoveYou says:

    It’s actually a nice and useful piece of software. I am glad that you just shared this useful tool with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  138. Vallter says:

    fucking… can’t download :(

  139. sami says:

    DANKE Schön :D)

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    i just downloaded the software and tested it. works great.

  142. Thanks for bypass says:

    Thanks livehacksource. Its great tool, Now i can download everything from fileice!

  143. Stefan says:

    I have installed w7. works great

  144. Works great. I finished with survey :D. Kind regards!!

  145. Marco says:

    its good

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    fuckin survey. i cant download. i want by this tool. admin please reply.

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  150. PSN Code says:

    Free codes. Thanks admin

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