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There are many Xbox fans among the modern-day gamers. Most of them have always been looking for ways to get the free Xbox live gold codes membership or free Xbox live gold codes generator. Even with thousands of consoles out there nowadays Xbox have always hold the top position, so for users to get membership, particularly the gold status for free, this is considered a privilege. Most people are faced with financial problems in this challenging economic time, so it’s really hard to pay the costs of these memberships and they would welcome the chance to get this free of cost. Of course, you will find others who are able to afford the membership in order to enjoy gold status. The truth is, for an average gamer a live membership might not be really important, but the hardcore ones would love to get free Xbox live codes to become a gold member without paying.

In the beginning for anyone to obtain the Xbox live codes free of charge to become a member, this would mean that they had to register on websites offering membership without a cost. However, when they opt for this route there is always the possibility of getting scammed. In most case, these websites would go offline without giving Xbox users the membership that was promised. As a result, most people would consider the new sites a good option when they are trying to become a gold member.

Our Xbox live code generator is the probably only working MSP or Xbox live code generator on internet.  We have used this generator and made over 15k sales in few forums. We want to give out this bot for public to celebrate our success and also we made money to invest in another business. Let’s see how it looks:

Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

Now no need to spend money for xbox membership. Just use our Xbox Live Gold Codes and get Free xbox live gold codes with in a minute and be a member without paying a penny. Xbox code generator generates 10 codes/minute and we update our database every day.

Download tool by click on Download button belowDownload

NOTE: Once your access to the unlocked tool, it can be used daily and other tools will no longer be locked for you! You will then become VIP member!

So in order to use the Xbox Live Gold Codes generator you need to follow the instructions that are listed below.

1. First of all you need to download the Xbox live generator generator by click on button above.
2. But you need to keep in mind that for the process you need to own the newest version of Microsoft NET 4.0 Framework.
3. Then you have to unzip all the files.
4. After that you have to open Xbox Live Code Generator.
5. Click on “Connect To Database” button and wait until coonection process finish.
6. Select your desired value and click on “Generate Code” button. Wait until process finish.
7. When process be finished you get unique and unused Xbox Live Codes. Click on “Copy Code” button.
8. After that you have to enter the unique code on official site.

The software is completely safe to use  for  free Xbox Live Codes generated with our tool and will not get your Live account banned. Please, just don’t generate massive amount of Xbox Live Codes. Microsoft can’t ban your account as they can’t actually detect the cards/points you are redeeming are generated or purchased. The codes generate will give you free  Xbox Live Gold Codes to redeem on the official Xbox Live website. You don’t have to worry, all the codes generated are checked with a database to see if it is valid. This generator has been used for over 1 month. It is going strong. None of our users ever reported any issues with redeeming or getting their account banned. It goes to show our anti-detection code is working as intended.


Q: What are Xbox Live Codes?
A: Xbox Live Codes or Microsoft points are online currency. You can buy so much things using Microsoft points. You can download games that you can play on your PC or purchase music from Zune. Getting  free Xbox Live points are really handy because it will keep you entertained during weekends, holidays, or school break. Of course, you can buy Microsoft points. There are prepaid cards for Microsoft points that you can buy from places like Radioshack, BestBuy, GameStop and other game stores. You can also buy Microsoft points online using your Paypal or credit card. But why you would pay for Microsoft points when we share genuine Microsoft Points Code Generator free. They going to allow you to buy services and goods from Microsoft. You can also use Microsoft points to purchase tracks and albums on Zune, or buy in-game items from Xbox. These free Xbox Live Codes going to really keep you amuse at weekends.

Q: Is this legal?
A: All the Microsoft points generated with our Xbox Live Codes  Generator are legit.

 Free Xbox Live Gold Codes

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