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After a solid few days of speculation, Nintendo finally revealed the Pokemon announcement they had hinted at before. This announcement Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Not much was revealed, but there are definitely new Pokemon, new places to go, and new player characters. And what scant news was revealed is pretty interesting.

One new feature that is surprising is the worldwide release of the game in October. This is the first time a Pokemon game has been released all at once like this. Another new feature is a fully 3D battle setting, that gives you a full view of your Pokemon using 3D models such as those in Pokedex 3D.

The world is small and sometime lucks smiles to you. One of the high ranked employees of  Game Freak that was on gamescon is a real life friend. He managed to give me a Pokemon X Beta version and Pokemon Y Beta versions. The name of the  guy will of course remain a secret as his actions might cause him a lot of trouble. Our team got hold of the 2 Beta versions of this awesome game. We’ve been testing various aspects of the game and wow, were supprised! This game seriously blew our mind with the new 3D settings. The 3D Settings and gameplay of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are amazing, and it plays like a new Pokemon game should!

Now we are aware that we are currently the only legit team of people providing a working Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Beta version Rom. Do You want to play Pokemon X/Y Beta version??

We can’t guarantee we’ll have this leak forever, so download while you can!

 (Last time tested Tuesday June 27th 2017)

The Roms are in .nds format, this means you can play them with a 3DS emulator or your computer or put them on your flashed 3DS device.

An all-new 3D Pokémon adventure packed with never-before-seen Pokémon will launch worldwide in October 2013. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will present a new generation of Pokémon, and introduce players to an exciting new adventure in a breathtaking 3D world. Pokémon Company President Tsunekazu Ishihara shared several tidbits on the upcoming games, which can be read below.
– In addition to existing Pokemon, there will be a large number of completely new Pokemon. The additions will bring the total number of Pokemon in the franchise from the current 649 to over 700.
– Because of Pokemon X and Y, the Pokemon anime, movies, card game and merchandise will “break into a new dimension.”
– People around the world will be able to simultaneously experience “Real Play.”
– The game will utilize the Nintendo 3DS to its maximum abilities to leverage its overwhelmingly beautiful presentation.
– The game uses an innovative communication system that makes it feel as if you are playing with other players around the world.
– The bonds between players and Pokemon will deepen, and Pokemon will become stronger with the new battle structure.
– Everyone will enjoy the game’s scenario and music.

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